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          所屬行業:工業 單位名稱:山東大工橡膠有限公司(英文版)網站地址:http://bonyea.com/index

          Bonyea Industrial Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Dagong Group, specializes in the manufacturing of rubber products. It is one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic hoses, conveyor belts and related rubber products in the world. Our factory is located in the Economic Developing Zone of Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, China.

          Innovation has been the tradition of company .Our R&D department has rich experience in QC and PC system and our rigorous quality control system has been approved to ISO9002. Continuous improvements have been made to achieve World Class Quality systems and procedures. We passed through British DGMS and Australia DMR for conveyor belts . Rubber hose and sealing are manufactured according to GB, SAE  and DIN standard . The commitment to quality ensures full traceability of all our products and total customer satisfaction in the products and services provided by Bonyea.  
          Quality Assurance has allowed us to further grow the business during past 20 years , we devote ourselves to serving the key projects of the main industries such as metallurgy, coal ,electric power, building, material, transportation, etc. ,and our customers spread in USA ,South America, Southeast Asia ,Japan and Europe , and twenty-eight provinces in China. 

          Due to strict management, advanced technology, stable quality, competitive prices and excellent service, our markets spread around the world. But we are working harder to approach customers’satisfactory.


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